Massage and Spa

At Oriental Massage &Spa customer satisfaction is our top priority. We have built our reputation on professionalism and by having a clean and caring staff in our Las Vegas location. Our massage therapists are knowledgeable and experienced at alleviating stress and muscle aches and pains.

We recommend having a massage once a week to maximize the benefits. Having regular massages offers benefits to your circulation and helps ensure wellness and good health.

We offer all types of massages customized to meet your needs.

Thai massage is a typical type of massage that involves the stretching and deep massage of muscles. This form of body Massage is usually performed on the floor. This type of massage is more energizing and vigorous than the classical massage.

Hot stone massage makes you feel deeply relaxed allowing you to unwind and let go of all the stress that are held within the body. It is quite an amazing experience you will feel like you are melting away. Body melting one of our most requested relaxing massages helps ease your mind and body it is great for the busy body.

Deep tissue is a great way to helps to loosen the muscle tissue and help release the toxins from the muscles and help the blood and oxygen circulate properly.

Four hands massage

A massage with two therapists performing as a team and double your relaxation and pleasure let our four hands relax you, a wonderful experience that is definitely worth trying.

Couples massage we invite you and your special companion to the visit of couples room where two massage therapist will pamper both of you in a relaxing setting with soothing music and candlelight.

Some of the other services that we offer include:

Hand and foot Treatments

Hand scrub & Paraffin Massage

FootScrub & Paraffin Massage

All type of Facials Available