What to expect from a Swedish massage

If you have heard about Swedish massage, you may be interested in getting it, but you may not be sure of what it is and what you should expect from it.

What it is?

The Swedish massage is the most common massage that it is being done around and it is for therapeutic benefits. If you get regular massage, then you will be already aware of techniques, which are being used. Swedish massage is done by a massage therapist while using fluid and long strokes in order to work on the muscle layers which are closer to the skin. This is what makes it different from the deep tissue massage that focuses more on deeper muscle layer.

This massage focuses more on improving the blood flow on the body and it helps the body to relax. This can boost the circulation at the body and it makes the muscle to relax. It will boost the circulation and it will ease the tightened while it improves painful muscle and it helps someone to feel relaxed and agile.

To loosen up the muscle, a massage therapist should use the combination of rubbing hand, kneading, circling and sliding movement on the abdomen, shoulders, legs, arms and backs. Even if the massage is known as stress reliever, it also works well on the back pain, muscle tension and joint stiffness. It can also reduce headaches.

What you should expect

To start with Swedish massage, you will need to get down on the massage table and your face will be looking down. The therapist will apply the oil at the upper body and at the lower back. He will start by warming the muscle slowly while feeling the places where there are tension and knots. These are the areas that will require more concentration.

A massage therapist will then start to work on lower and upper legs and then he will ask you to have the face up to work on abdomen, neck or arms.

The Swedish massage can last starting from forty five minutes up to an hour and this will depend on the needs of a person. At the end of a massage, you are going to feel relaxed and calm and sometime sleepy. There are people who may suffer muscle ache and it is good to take enough water before you get the massage done. This is to reduce side effects and to hydrate the muscle.

Swedish massage is also known as the classic massage which means that it is a standard massage. Softer strokes are used on bonier or delicate parts of a body while stronger strokes are used on thicker muscle. Adjusting pressure is important lead to relaxation.

In addition of the calming benefits, then Swedish massage offers other benefits

  • it eases the muscle strain through flushing away the toxins
  • It improves circulation since it increases oxygen flow within the blood
  • It helps in keeping the tendons and ligaments supple
  • It reduces physical and emotional stress

If you want to keep your clothes on during the massage, wear something old since massage oil can cause stains on the fabrics.