The Benefits Of Therapeutic Massage

After the therapeutic massage, you will feel as if your mind is clear while the body is relaxed. Having an occasional massage, it can make you to feel great but having a regular massage can help you to achieve more than this. Whenever you get the massage, the work done will be building on itself and the body will feel relaxed while the muscle will continue to loosen up even when you have mental or physical stress.

The therapeutic massage is the best way that you can deal with sore muscle and it improves the blood flow. It can also double up as the stress reliever for some people. There is now a wide range of different massage techniques and they are used by the therapist in helping the people to overcome the common health condition such as arthritis, anxiety and fibromyalgia.

Even if the massage is the application of the soft tissue manipulation technique at the body, the somatic and body work therapy works in the same way. The body work will encompass different forms of the touch therapy which use movement, manipulation or repatterning but the somatic therapy focuses more at the meaning of a body, the energy channels together with the mind and body connection. While combining the field of the massage therapies, somatic treatment and bodywork, the popular modalities include friction, rocking, vibration, cupping, compression, tapping, kneading, pricking and stroking.

The therapeutic massage should be given by a licensed massage therapist and should work after many years of professional training. Some therapists may be the member of the professional organizations, but in some cases, they can work as sole practitioner.

The therapeutic massage can help in many cases

1. It treats lower back pain

The massage is beneficial to patients who suffer chronic or acute low back pain and it is combined with other holistic exercises or education. It has been found out that acupuncture massage using acupressure can be better compared to Swedish and classic massage when it comes to lower the back pain.

2. It reduces arthritis, joint pain and fibromyalgia

Over 35 percent of the people who get the massage, they decide to do this in order to ease the pain which is associated to injuries, stiffness or chronic health condition. The massage had been found to relax the muscle with stiff joints and lower back symptoms, which are associated to fibromyalgia.

3. It helps in lowering high blood pressure

The patients who got therapeutic massage have low level of diastolic and systolic pressure reading compared to these in control groups. It has been found out that the massage is cost effective, applicable, effective and safe way of controlling hyper tension or BP.

4. It lowers fatigue, anxiety and depression

Massage therapy had shown that it can help to lower the feeling of stress together with the fatigue which accompanies it. The studies had found out that depression can be triggered by chronic and active pain while the depression itself can lead to the worsening of the pain and tension. Getting the massage can help to reverse the problem caused by depression and it helps to achieve significant improvement in the patients who suffer depression, low energy, pain and muscle tension.

5. It helps to regulate the hormones and to control the diabetes

Alternative therapies can be used in treating underlying hormonal with inflammatory causes of the diabetes. The therapy can be yoga therapies, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, dietary supplements and massage. They work well to lower the diabetes symptoms with other risk factor, but they do not cause many side effects like other conventional approaches or medication.

Other benefits of therapeutic massage are to help with immunity, smoking cessation, athletic performance and injury prevention.

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